Rise Above Plastics

There are several reasons why plastic bags and other single-use plastics have a negative impact on our island. Surfrider Galveston has teamed-up with several other entities and is working on solutions to these problems.

Galveston BRING THE BAG Campaign

Mission Statement

Galveston Surfrider Foundation has teamed up with the Turtle Island Restoration Network to promote the
Bring the Bag campaign. Bring the Bag will help the City of Galveston work towards the reduction

and elimination of single-use plastic bags in order to create a safer, healthier and cleaner environment.


Bring the Bag Talking Points



  1. Lower expenses for retailers to purchase retailers and free advertising space on the reusable bags they'd sell as an alternative.

  2. Income for retailers through sales of reusable bags.

  3. Lower expenses for counties to maintain landfills and create new landfills.

  4. Lower expenses for cities and counties to maintain storm drains.

  5. Galveston has a tourism-based economy and we want to maintain the cleanliness of our beaches for this reason, which means keeping it clear from pollution. Plastic bags are one of the most commonly found litter on our beaches.

  6. Cities will spend less on trash maintenance, litter pickup, and litter enforcement.

  7. Less energy and oil will be used to produce single-use plastic bags (around 4% of world oil and gas production is used as feedstock for plastics, and a further 3-4% is used for energy for their manufacturing)

  8. One reusable bag can eliminate as many as 1,500 single-use plastic bags from landfills in its lifetime, making reusable bags an easy way to consume less!



  1. Single-use plastic bags negatively impact coastal wildlife and ecosystems through ingestion and entanglement.

  2. Creates plastic nanoparticles since it does not decompose, but breaks down into smaller pieces which are harder to clean up.

  3. Negative aesthetic impact of viewing environmental degradation (plastic bags on trees, on beaches, etc) has a bad effect on local tourism and therefore our local economy.

  4. Single-use plastic bags can release toxins during their partial degradation, but they never degrade fully

  5. Reduced need for landfill space.

  6. Single-use plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, if they even degrade at all.

  7. Single-use bags are a significant source of litter and contribute to flooding by getting stuck in storm drains.

  8. Burning more fossil fuels to produce more plastic bags is unnecessary when an easy and inexpensive alternative is within society’s grasp.



  1. Healthier, greener, cleaner environment and communities to live in!



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Mardi Gras Bead Recycling 

Surfrider Galveston began the Mardi Gras Bead recycling program in 2011 and continues to build on the program.


During February & March, you can drop your beads off at:

  • Texas Surf Company

  • Southern Spears Surf Sop

  • Mod Coffee

  • Total Fitness

  • Urban Fitness

  • Galveston Island Brewing


To be added to our list of Galveston drop-off locations, please contact educate.galvsurf@gmail.com